Olive is a visual artist from Los Angeles currently living and working in Denver.  She received her BFA from Otis College of Art + Design in 2011.

  Olive’s recent work has broken away from, yet still very referential of her past in illustration.  The bright opaque colors, clean lines, and rounded shapes, along with the abstract and seemingly personified “noodles” are a clear result of years spent illustrating.  Yet this new body encourages more of a silent encounter; the layering of shapes and the meditative balance of the colors, lines, and movement lend more to an introspective process and output than in her previous work.

  Each piece depicts a moment or snippet of thought, through the artist’s eyes like a peep hole or a magnified version of the entirety if we were able to take a step back.  The contrasted lines or “noodles” can delegate how the viewer moves through that thought or moment. The artist’s process of making each colorscape relies heavily on achieving a comfort and balance.  On taking experiences and feelings, and resolving or quieting them through the physicality of painting and sitting with the painting.   

   Much of her previous work is inspired by and commenting on hip hop culture, feminism, cultural appropriation, social constructs, and idealism vs. cynicism, identity, relationships with strangers and consequently with one's self. 



All images copyright Nicole Olive Moya. All rights reserved.